Alicia Cardillo

Alicia has been in the band since 2009 and on the endowment board since 2016.  She plays tenor sax and is a member of the broom closet.  “I found my home when I found the band — the band is my village.  Serving on the Endowment is my way to give back to band through other skills and talents that aren’t necessarily music-related.”

Charles Bohanan
Vice President

Charles has been in the band since 1990, playing trombone, serving as Mouth (2007-2009), conducting as a Broom, and being on the Endowment Board. “I love the band as a creative outlet, a social phenomenon, and as a benefit to the community. Spreading the joy to the public is the best part. I like to serve on the Endowment Board to make sure we keep the magic of the band alive.”
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Mary Kreisle

Mary has been in the band since 1998 and plays clarinet.  She’s been on the board since 2016.  “I serve because it is for my mental as well as physical health to give back for all the years of joy the band has brought me!”
Neil Gluckman
A member of the Seed and Feed since 1995, and the endowment board since 2016. Originally from New York, Neil moved up and down the East Coast before coming to Atlanta and finding a home. Neil is active in the Atlanta arts community primarily in theater and live event performance. He splits his time between his work as a union organizer and his board positions with the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council, Jobs with Justice, the Fulton County Workforce Development Board, The Advisory board for the Seventh District of the IATSE and the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Endowment. The light of his life is his wife and two children, all members of the band.

Brenda Findley HeadshotBrenda Findley

 Brenda is the best ever. She’s just so great and lovely.
Wendy Gluckman Wendy Gluckman played her first band gig in 1996, on one of her first dates with future husband Neil. Her involvement has persevered through a wedding, a couple of terms on the council, two children, a move to Athens, three years of law school, a move back to Decatur, and, since 2016, her position on the endowment board.
Steve Bonacci Headshot
Steve Bonacci
Steve has been with the band since 2013, and plays bass drum. He joined the Endowment Board in 2015. “The band has filled a big void in my life, and trying to make sure the band doesn’t have to worry about finances, is another wonderful way to contribute.”
rayrayRay Macon Ray Macon is our newest board member as of 2017.  Lovingly called “Ray Ray,” he bring fundraising experience to the Endowment and is looking forward to making a financial impact.
 Larry Smith
Larry helped found the S&FMA Endowment in 1999. He has been a member of the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable since 1978 and plays all types of saxophones.  He wants the band to continue to amaze, enjoy, and lighten souls with music and fun.