Board of Directors

Leigh R
Leigh Rankin

Leigh joined the band in 2018 as a Despicable. She was overcome with joy when, after fanning the band from afar for years, she found at that SHE TOO could be one of THEM!!! She made the leap to clarinet right before the World Ended As We Knew it in 2020, having not touched a clarinet in 50 years. Muscle memory is a wondrous thing. She is excited to be part of this wonderful mission of sharing our “gifts” with other musical organizations.
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Susan Childs
Vice President
Susan joined the band in 2019 and had one GREAT year as a Despicable, and thoroughly enjoyed every event that year … including Spoleto! Then Covid hit and everything came to a screeching halt. To keep things going, she joined STAMPEDE, the spin-off band that had numerous outdoor safe gigs. Because she enjoyed her role playing Dobra in STAMPEDE, she took up Bass Drum and began taking music lessons. Susan claims “I’m still a work in progress, but having so much fun with it!” Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, cooking, and playing with her grandchildren, Samuel and Betty.
Tracey McGill
Tracy McGill
Tracy joined the Seed & Feed in 2017 and has been rocking the Clarinet all over Atlanta ever since. This delightful Canadian spends her days as a Professor at Emory University. She joined the Endowment Board in 2019.
Cheryl Stauss
Cheryl Stauss has performed as a Despicable since 2001, enjoying all things glitter, feathers and big eye lashes.  Together with her husband Dave, she held the position of Bookie for the S&FMA band for the 2006/2007 band year. She is now happy to join the Endowment Board in 2019 using her skill and experience in program management and contracting to further the mission of the Endowment.
Jeff SJeff Smith
Bio coming soon
IMG_8231Liz Weiler I have played Clarinet for 49 years and Bass Clarinet for 31 years.  During the pandemic, I taught myself brass.
Music has led me to friends, adventures and the pride that accomplishment and hard work can bring.
The SFMA Endowment Board awards grants to provide musical opportunities to a wide variety of recipients.   I can think of no bigger privilege than to make the joy music brings me available to others.
Jennifer M
Jennifer MacLeod
Jennifer is an Atlanta area native & joined SFMA in 2004 after the Inman Park Festival. She’s mainly a flute/piccolo player, and is challenging herself to learn few other instruments (xylophone/bells, bass drum, melodica & guitar). Her non-musical skills (besides joining the Endowment Board in 2021) are: Broom Closet member, & Music Selection Committee member since 2017. Before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down: she was often greeting/assisting event attendees as a Guest Services Specialist at the Georgia World Congress Center

IMG_0300Sally Treadwell
Sally joined the band in early 2019 as a Despicable. A friend recruited her knowing that she loved to dance and it turned out to be a perfect fit. She loves the people connections and spreading joy. Sally has taken up the cymbals and never thought she’d be playing Louie Louie at her age. Sally also enjoys hiking and taking care of her three dogs.
Young DanDan Geller Dan first joined the band circa 2001 when he had just started on the flute and liked holding it and marching around as if he could play it.  After a two-decade hiatus and a year of flute lessons Dan returned and is now a semi-respectable flautist.  Once an Abominable, always an Abominable!