Grant Requests

The amount of funds available for grants varies each year; the S&FMA Endowment annually makes available for grants one-half of the funds raised the prior calendar year + 100% of the interest earned on the corpus of the endowment.  The remaining funds raised continue to increase the corpus to reach, and surpass, the original goal of $100k endowment fund.

How do you receive a grant from the S&FMA Endowment?

Click S&FMA Endowment Grant Request to download an application!

To request funds from the Endowment, you must complete a grant application to describe the intended purpose and use of the funds, including a budget. The application asks that you explain how your project contributes to the overall mission of the Endowment. Traditionally, the Endowment posts a notice each Spring asking for grant submissions. Funds are awarded for use within the year. The Board, however, can entertain grant requests at any time of the year. Ask any Endowment Board member if you have any questions.</span