Past Fundraisers

In addition to the two annual fundraisers, the Board members host several fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  Past one-time fundraisers include the following:

  • 2016Inman Park Festival Band Booth: “Be the band!  Win the band!  Wear the band!”  The Endowment jointly sponsored a booth with the Band at the Inman Park Festival to promote the band, take donations, sell merchandise to adoring fans, and allow those adoring fans to dress up as band members in front of the S&FMA backdrop for photo opportunities.  p2093047_1924805437_5
  • 2014 – The band members created a Naughty Bits Calendar for the 2015 calendar year with photos each month of band members decked out in accessories (only).  Each month’s photo was mostly grouped by instrumental section and the background artwork was donated by the talented Katie Stockton of, Flute.  Photography donated by Drew Stauss of Departure Studio, Quads.  Calendar features:
    • January – Percussion New Year’s Extravaganza
    • February- Naughty Bits under the Rainbow
    • March – Despicables on Display for Mardi Gras
    • April – Woodland Flute Fairies
    • May – Clarinet PJ Party & Sweet Dreams
    • June – Future Incorrigible $500 Guaranteed Real
    • July – Patriotic Mixed Musical Salute
    • August – Blues Brother Saxes
    • September – Naughty Bits on Fire
    • October – Halloween Gathering of Brooms
    • November – SFMA Zombie Tumpet Apocalypse
    • December – Bad Brass Santas


  • 2013Abominable Sideshow with Tommy Dean & My Imaginary Band.
  • 2012 – The first ever Abominable Sideshow featuring Francine Reed, The Big Peach Little Big Band, Berne’ Poliakoff, My Imaginary Band, and the Wasted Potential Brass Band!  These amazing performers donated their time and talent to contribute ticket sales to the Endowment — a show of their true love and admiration of the band.